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Tail and mane chalk

Tail and mane chalk

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  • 24 crayons to color your horse's tail and mane.
  • Work on dark and light moons.
  • Very nice for the children and friendly for the horse.
  • Also suitable for demonstrations or dress-up classes.
  • Many possibilities with this fantastic product.


  • You moisten the mane or tail a little with your fingers or a plant sprayer.
  • The colors are then brighter.
  • Chalk from top to bottom with the crayon over the moons.


  • You remove the chalk by washing the mane/tail with horse shampoo.
  • With light horse hair, an extra wash is sometimes necessary.
  • The longer you leave it in the horse hair, the more often you have to wash the horse hair afterwards.

Be careful with water and rain, the chalk will then run out and transfer to your clothing or blankets.

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