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Bucas Therapy Mesh Cooler Limited Edition Mini

Bucas Therapy Mesh Cooler Limited Edition Mini

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The Bucas Therapy Mesh Cooler is a multifunctional blanket that can be used as a stable blanket, under blanket and transport blanket. The top line of the blanket is made of a special stainless steel wire fabric. The magnetic fields that the horse naturally creates are absorbed by the fabric and reflected back. This stimulates the horse's blood circulation. This ensures relaxed muscles and helps with a faster recovery from swelling and injuries.

The rest of the blanket is made of a fine-meshed fabric. This fabric ensures good air circulation. This makes this blanket suitable for warmer days. The blanket gives 10 degrees extra warmth.

This blanket has a T-hook front closure with magnets that is covered with Velcro. The shoulder folds give the horse a lot of shoulder and freedom of movement. This, in combination with the girths and the leg strap, ensures that the blanket stays in place on the horse's back. Has Velcro closures at the front of the neck and at the back of the eyes of the leg straps so that you can perfectly attach this blanket to an outer blanket to which a neck can also be attached.

The blanket can be used 24/7. However, we do recommend that you build up the use and keep an eye on the horse.

Our advice is to always measure your horse before purchasing. A blanket must lie correctly to prevent the blanket from sliding, skewing and chafing. This prevents disappointments about the purchase of your blanket. Don't buy your blanket too big, measuring is knowing.

This concerns the Limited Edition variant in black/silver. On = On!

Note: The size 70/100 is an exclusive small size (sample) blanket with a perfect fit for the smaller size mini horses and mini shetlanders!
Looking for a different size? Feel free to contact us.

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