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Bucas Therapy Turnout Light Mini

Bucas Therapy Turnout Light Mini

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The Bucas Therapy Turnout combines the comfort of the Bucas Turnout blankets with the effect of the Therapy blankets! This therapeutic substance captures the magnetic fields that the horse naturally creates and reflects them back. As a result, this blanket is able to stimulate the horse's blood circulation. This process ensures smoother muscles, relaxation and the prevention of swelling and / or injuries. This blanket is waterproof and breathable.

This blanket is best used between 0 and +14 degrees. The Therapy Turnout is made of the very strong ballistic nylon fabric. The silky soft dermo-care lining wicks away moisture and keeps the inside of the sheet and the horse dry. This fabric absorbs 50% of the moisture compared to the stay-dry fabric. This liner is ideal for horses with a shaved coat.

The Click'n Go front closure with magnets makes this blanket very easy to close. The closure is covered with a Velcro. The shoulder folds give the horse a lot of shoulder and freedom of movement.

The blanket can be used 24/7. However, we do recommend that you build up the use and keep an eye on the horse. The Bucas under blankets, coolers and Therapy Turnout Combi Neck can be combined with this blanket.

Our advice is to always measure your horse before purchasing. A blanket must lie correctly to prevent the blanket from sliding, skewing and chafing. This prevents disappointments about the purchase of your blanket. Don't buy your blanket too big, measuring is knowing.

Note: The size 70/100 is an exclusive small size (sample) blanket with a perfect fit for the smaller size mini horses and mini shetlanders!
This blanket is also available in larger sizes, if you have any doubts about the size or other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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