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Bucas Sweet-itch X light Mini

Bucas Sweet-itch X light Mini

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The Bucas Sweet Itch X Light is a cool, light and breathable eczema rug with a fixed neck.

The top part of the blanket is made of a sturdy polyester anti-eczema fabric. This is the same as the standard Sweet-Itch blanket. This fabric covers the most important areas: the ears, the mane and the tail. These are the places where the insects cause the most skin irritation.
The lower part of the blanket is made of a fine mesh fabric with slightly larger meshes. This fabric ensures good air circulation around the horse and stops the large gadflies and horseflies.

This eczema rug has an extra long neck that reaches over the forehead of the horse. The extra long sides ensure good air circulation around the horse's legs. Due to the shoulder folds, the horse experiences a lot of shoulder and freedom of movement. These shoulder pleats and the neckline are lined with a silk inner lining to minimize the risk of chafing. The Bucas Sweet Itch X Light has a large belly flap that is held in place by three adjustable cross straps. The T-hook front closure with magnets makes the blanket easy to close.

This blanket can easily be combined with the Bucas Buzz-Off fly mask.

Our advice is to always measure your horse before purchasing. A blanket must lie correctly to prevent the blanket from sliding, skewing and chafing. This prevents disappointments about the purchase of your blanket. Don't buy your blanket too big, measuring is knowing.

Note: The size 70/100 is an exclusive small size (sample) blanket with a perfect fit for the smaller size mini horses and mini shetlanders!
Looking for a different size? Feel free to contact us.

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